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Thu March 11, 2021 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm




Experience OC Session 

Experience OC sessions give you a chance to see what classes are like as a student, where professors or instructors may provide an interactive or experiential lecture or activity. 

In this one-hour session you’ll gain an inside look at program details, course specifics, all led by OC instructor Ken Langedyk. This program provides the opportunity to study first-year Engineering, with the potential to apply to some of B.C.’s second-year Engineering (Applied Science) Degree programs upon completion. Drop in, be a student for an hour, and have your questions answered. 

Common First Year Engineering – Pros and Cons 

What is Common First Year Engineering at Okanagan College? How does it differ from a Technician, Technologist or Bachelor of Science/Engineering programs? Come along on a journey as a seasoned Technician, Technologist, and Engineer discuss all the different facets of engineering and where each form of discipline is used in engineering. We will also discuss ethics and responsibilities of each discipline. There will be some videos, presentations and some deep, thought provoking questions and answers. We will also have some fun and see who can answer some challenging word problems. 

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