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Established in 1925, Emily Carr University of Art + Design is the only specialized, accredited, public, post-secondary university in British Columbia solely devoted to education and research in the creative sector and its associated knowledge economy. We merge research, critical theory and studio practice in an interdisciplinary environment, strengthening our work by the integration of our personal and professional practices. Our strategy, facilities, partnerships and resources are intentionally student-centred to foster dialogue, expression and open connections in support of the next generation of creative and cultural leaders.

Our home base in Vancouver – a young, vibrant city, known for its verve, beauty and unparalleled livability – reflects our core belief: Creativity will always be our greatest natural resource, individually and collectively. Inspired by this belief, our programs offer undergraduate, graduate degrees, and applied research in the fields of visual arts, media arts, and design, as well as professional certificates, pre-university, and lifelong learning in these areas.

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520 East 1st Avenue,
Vancouver, BC

520 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master’s Degree / Graduate Credentials

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Bachelor of Design

At Emily Carr University, the design degree has evolved into a human-centred practice focusing on the social, technological, and experiential needs of contemporary society. Our design majors encourage you to be leading ‘Citizen Designers’ in the new creative- and knowledge-based economies, mindful of the power and consequences of design across a range of fields.

Focused on collaboration, you will benefit from projects that are intentionally modelled to mirror professional and research project structures, gaining experience working with realistic workplace criteria and constraints. You will also learn various methods of design prototyping, development skills, insight, and direction by applying logic through making and re-making.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

We offer you the choice of five fine arts majors, three of which are offered through the Audain Faculty of Art at Emily Carr. Your Bachelor of Fine Arts degree provides a studio-based education reflecting the diversity and complexity of contemporary art practices, critical inquiry, process and making.

Through expanding your conceptual, technical, and historical knowledge at our fine arts school, you will be inspired to add depth to your practice and potential as an artist. Engaging in research and production, presentation and critique will prepare you to contribute to contemporary creative society and the broad global cultural economy.

Bachelor of Media Arts

As a digital media practitioner and artist you will be well positioned to contribute and lead creatively and effectively through one of four focused paths of study and majors: 2D & Experimental Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Film + Screen Arts or New Media + Sound Arts.

With a Bachelor of Media Arts degree, you will have the skills and confidence for conceptual risk-taking in one of the fastest growing art forms in the world. As an animator you will work in 2D or 3D animation, games, visual effects for motion pictures, and independent shorts or animation films. Or, combine your creative problem solving and digital communications skills with experimentation in media and computer technology, to become a leader in technical and conceptual practices for social media, web, and software. As a media arts school, Emily Carr University is uniquely positioned in the industry as the only interdisciplinary institution dedicated entirely to creativity.

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Admissions Admissions

Basic Admissions Requirements

The minimum academic requirement for admission to Emily Carr University undergraduate programs is graduation from grade 12 secondary school, with five grade 12 subjects, including:

  • English 12 with a minimum grade of ‘C’,
  • two other grade 12 academic courses and
  • two grade 12 elective courses.

The minimum overall grade point average required for admission is 2.5 or C+ or 67%. All elective courses must be grade 12 and can be Ministry Approved, Board Approved or Locally Developed. See this link for acceptable COURSES.

IB and AP Credits

IB Courses:

  • 3 Higher Level and
  • 3 Standard Level subjects.

A minimum requirement of 24 points is recommended to be considered for admission. First year university transfer credit will be awarded to students who achieve a grade of at least 5 or higher in Higher Level courses in courses that are approved as equivalent to Emily Carr University required courses.

AP Courses:

First year university transfer credit will be awarded to students who achieve a grade of 4 or higher in courses that are approved as equivalent to Emily Carr University required courses.

English Proficiency Requirements

English Language Proficiency Tests:

Regardless of immigration or citizenship status, if English is not your first language (is not the first language you learned at home as a child), applicants will need to provide evidence of adequate English proficiency for admission consideration, unless you qualify for an exemption. See the website for acceptable proficiency tests or possible exemptions.

Creative Art Pathway Program:

Emily Carr University of Art + Design CREATIVE ART PATHWAY program – Improve Your English Language Skills while Also Studying Fine Arts

Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) offers the Creative Art Pathway (CAP) program for potential Emily Carr Students who have conditional acceptance to ECUAD, but who do not meet the English Language proficiency requirements for admission. This program will provide English proficiency upgrading courses and also allow students to take Emily Carr studio courses.

The Creative Art Pathway (CAP) stream consists of three components:

  • English for Creative Practice – A customized, non-credit course that focuses on the development of core oral and written communication skills that will integrate visual culture ideas and vocabulary needed for success at ECUAD.
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) – Non-credit courses designed to improve the English language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • ECUAD Studio Course – first year, 6.0 credit Core Studio Course.


Candidates who meet Emily Carr’s visual art portfolio and academic admissions requirements but do not meet the minimum IELTS score and whose IELTS score is not lower than 5.5 in any skill area may apply for the Creative Art Pathway program.

Tuition + Fees:

Tuition + Fees are approximately $11,000 for one semester.


The CAP program will be offered in the Fall (September to December) term at Emily Carr University. Students may be required to take one or two terms depending on their skill level and academic progression through the program.

Prospective Students interested in applying to this program should contact admissions@ecuad.ca

See this link for details: CREATIVE ART PATHWAY

Application Deadline


  • EducationPlannerBC Application Service begins to accept online applications and
  • SlideRoom opens to accept online portfolio submissions


  • Application deadline
  • Documents deadline
  • Portfolio deadline


  • Admission decisions will be mailed to all undergraduate applicants.


  • All final, official documents deadline
Application Fee

A $70 non-refundable application fee is required for all undergrad applications.

How to Apply

Apply ONLINE through the EducationPlanner BC Application Service

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Financial Aid Financial Aid

Entrance Scholarships Deadline

The Financial Aid + Awards Office at Emily Carr University of Art + Design offers information and resources to help fund your undergraduate or graduate education through internal and external sources. As Emily Carr is an accredited degree-granting institution, you will also have access to many international funding agencies. If you are a United States citizen you can apply for Stafford Loans to attend Emily Carr. International students planning to study here need to secure financing through their home country. Canadian students have access to domestic loans, bursaries, and scholarships.

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Residence Residence

First Year Residence Spots
Emily Carr's students live off campus with plenty of options like private rentals, shared rentals, temporary housing and homestays. You can connect with our Housing Assistant who will guide you to resources, including a dedicated housing microsite, as well as to prospective landlords and roommates. Additionally, Emily Carr University's Students' Union has a resource for newcomers to help you find a great place and get settled in.
Residence Options

Student Services’ Housing Microsite: http://findhousing.ecuad.ca

Students’ Union Housing Resource: http://ecsu.ca/for-newcomers

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International Students International Students

International Student Info

Emily Carr welcomes outstanding international students from over 50 countries, and our international student population makes up over 20% of our student body. Upon successful admission, we aim to facilitate success in learning and creative processes and to support you in your adjustment to the Canadian education experience. We can assist with direction to various university resources, off-campus housing, and orientation to University. We also provide general guidance for CIC and medical coverage for international students.

English Language Requirement

Regardless of immigration or citizenship status, if English is not your first language (is not the first language you learned at home as a child), applicants will need to provide evidence of adequate English proficiency for admission consideration, unless you qualify for an exemption.

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