This document from Higher Education Strategy Associates [HESA] traces the emergence of themes in the health sciences, where new programs and disciplines are endeavouring to bring medical innovations and knowledge to wider audiences. It explores programming that intersects different fields, developing new knowledge and ways to analyze and understand the growing datasets available to health researchers. It is also intended to provide some information about program trends outside Canada.

In this edition’s three sections, we explore the intersection between health sciences and a variety of other fields:

Biomedical Engineering explores programs that incorporate anatomy, engineering, biochemistry, physiology, and different biological fields (such as cellular biology), The number of biomedical engineering programs has grown in Canada and features an array of industry and research orientated programs.;

Health and the Public Sphere considers developments in public health, which is a relatively venerable field but one that has undergone some important developments in terms of concentrations, learning outcomes, and accreditation;

Health Informatics focuses on health informatics, a field that has been expanding in Canada since the 2000s and draws together knowledge from health science, computer science and business management. It also focuses on the emergence and proliferation of Bioinformatics programs as the sheer size of data sets for health sciences grows exponentially.