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WATER — we all use it, we are all impacted by its excess or deficiency, and we are all invested in ensuring that there is a safe, healthy supply. The potential impact of the study of water is immense.

There are three main sections in this document:

  1. Water Sciences. Exploring water science programs and research institutes across Canada and around the globe, this section focuses on the growing interdisciplinary nature of programs in the physical and applied sciences.
  2. Water and Governance. This section identifies a small number of programs and opportunities that explore the overlap between water sciences, political studies, international relations and economics. It also briefly examines the potential of courses that foreground Indigenous ways of understanding water that reframe “governance” in fundamental ways.
  3. Water Management. This final section examines the management of water from a hands-on, practical standpoint. Focused on developments in engineering and in vocational training, this section considers how programs combine scientific and vocational knowledges to promote sustainable water use.

Together, the sections identify programs and institutes that encourage interdisciplinarity, connect with communities, and link fundamental science with practice.


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