BCIT Aerospace helps students land careers at WestJet and Porter Airlines


The BCIT Airline and Flight Operations Commercial Pilot (Fixed-wing) program provides students with seamless employment pathways to notable aerospace companies such as WestJet and Porter Airlines. Through the WestJet Encore Pathway program and the Destination Porter program, students have the opportunity to fast-track their careers in aviation upon successful graduation of their BCIT diploma.

The WestJet Encore Pathway program is designed for graduates from aviation post-secondary institutes with a minimum of 250 flight hours and completion of the MIFR/IATRA written exam. Working on WestJet-specific components, students in this program receive enhanced training beyond basic Transport Canada requirements and is prepared for a successful career directly with WestJet upon graduation. At the end of the program, qualifying students can apply to be invited for an interview, and successful candidates are then placed in a hiring pool for WestJet to be considered for future ground school upon meeting First Officer qualifications.

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The Airline and Flight Operations Commercial Pilot (fixed wing) program also has a partnership with Porter Airlines. The Destination Porter program invites students who have a minimum of 200 flight hours to join Porter Airlines’ recruitment pool. Successful candidates are then paired with a Porter Airlines pilot mentor for career guidance and development. After accumulating a minimum of 800 flight hours, students have the option to advance to a First Officer position at Porter Airlines upon successful completion of their interview and simulator evaluation. Successful candidates will be offered a conditional offer of employment upon completion of their  IATRA/ATPL exams. For more information on eligibility criteria, see the Destination Porter Program.

As a leader in aerospace education, BCIT follows rigorous training standards prescribed by the aviation industry and Transport Canada. Our industry-focused curriculum ensures students are job-ready for a career in the aerospace industry.

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