The new Interactive Media Developer program is a double credential program that will train students to work in application, game or web development, graphic design, and user interaction. The program begins with a one-year, full-time certificate and can  be followed by a one-year diploma. The program is geared to the artistically and technologically minded who are interested in growing their programming skills and artistic vision.

The program will prepare students to work locally and globally in application, game or web development, graphic design, and user interaction by learning the skills needed to take an idea or a problem and develop it from concept to production. Students will get the opportunity to write professional documentation, design and implement stories or games, and apply their knowledge to create their own interactive experiences.

Double Credential: The one-year full-time Certificate program prepares graduates to work locally in the exciting world of software development. Possible careers include junior application or web developer, and junior graphic designer. Students have the option to continue full-time studies for another year and receive the Interactive Media Developer Technologist diploma. Graduates work as web, software, game or mobile app developers, and are prepared for work in quality assurance, visual effects, product management or product design/user experience. Optional work terms will complement your coursework with added hands-on experience.

More information available on the Camosun Website.