At the annual BCIT School of Business + Media High School Case Competition, high school students explore their interests in business and marketing through an exciting hands-on experience. Participating high school students receive three weekly 2-hour mentorship sessions with BCIT School of Business + Media student mentors. During these sessions, students are taught how to analyze, solve, and present a business case study in preparation for competition day. The teams are then judged on the practicality and value of their solutions and the quality of their presentations. Awards are given to the top three teams.

Joshua Luu, an alumnus in the BCIT Business Operations Management program and a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Business Administration program, serves as Project Manager with Enactus BCIT, where he coordinates BCIT mentors for the High School Case Competition. However, his involvement with the Competition began as a high school student with a curiosity for post-secondary education.

“My first taste of a case competition was eye-opening. At a time when I was still exploring my career choices, the experience provided me with a glimpse into the world of post-secondary education, which played a pivotal role in steering me towards a career in business and enrolling at BCIT,” Joshua recalls.

One of Joshua’s high school teachers introduced him to the competition in 2019 and described it as a good way to build hands-on experience in solving business challenges. He decided to join the Competition and it was there that he met his BCIT mentor, Angelo. Angelo was instrumental in helping him navigate through the intricacies of the competition, as well as in providing insights into a post-secondary education at BCIT.

Joshua describes the whole experience as exhilarating. He spent countless hours with his classmates – brainstorming ideas, honing their business acumen, and sharpening their softs skills in public speaking, teamwork, and adaptability.

His team won third in the competition, which included prize money for students to use when they enrol at BCIT.

Joshua says the award still hangs on his wall to this day. “I smile every time I look at it because it’s what started my educational journey and career in the business field” he says.

Outside of his Bachelor of Business Administration program and involvement in the High School Case Competition, Joshua also serves as Vice President of the BCIT Student Association.

“Some of my best memories and experiences at BCIT were related to my involvement with clubs and volunteering,” shares Joshua. “I am able to hone my skills while being a mentor in guiding others to explore their creativity, interests, and career options.”

Building industry network and hands-on experience

BCIT School of Business + Media is committed to enriching the lives of learners through applied business and media education. This competition provides an engaging opportunity for high school students to learn about business and develop their analytical skills to solve real-world problems. All participants demonstrated a combination of excellent presentation skills, strong analytic capabilities, and creativity while showcasing the application of business and marketing theories in real-world situations.

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