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Thu May 13, 2021 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm




Experience OC Session 

Experience OC sessions give you a chance to see what classes are like as a student, where professors or instructors may provide an interactive or experiential lecture or activity. 

The Okanagan School of Business (OSB) is a place where professors know your name, where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, and where learning is taken beyond the classroom. The OSB offers certificate, diploma, and degree programs, as well as opportunities for students to enrich their college experience on student teams and clubs or to participate in study abroad programs. 

Why do we buy what we buy? 

Understand a big more about what makes you buy what you buy. Join Professor Michael Orwick to learn a few theories on the reasons consumers buy the things they do and how marketers direct their messages to suit those reasons. The session includes a bit of learning, a bit of doing, and a lot of fun!  

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