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What’s post-secondary education all about? Is it about choosing a specific career? Or is it about developing the skills you need to become successful in any number of different jobs and careers?

The truth is that post-secondary can be about all of the above and more. And you definitely don’t need to have all of the answers right away. In fact, it’s ok to change your mind about what you want to get out of your post-secondary experience along the way.

The key is to give yourself as many options as possible in the future. Choose the post-secondary opportunities that fit your skills and interests. Open up more doors in your future. The more you know about the different opportunities out there, the more likely you are to find that right fit.

Downloads for students

Downloads for Students

These resources provide an in-depth look at some of the big ideas you need to know about. Read them, share them and talk about them to help guide your decision making about post-secondary education.

10 Things Students Need to Know

Set yourself up for success with these key tips.


A Parent's Guide to Post-Secondary in BC

This is a pdf. version of a PowerPoint presentation that gives students and parents a basic understanding of the most important aspects of our post-secondary system in BC.


Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

Get the most out of your time on campus.


Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Get the most out of meeting an institution representative.


How an Undergraduate Degree is Structured

Learn the basics of semesters and credits.


The Post-Secondary Cost Puzzle Explained

How much does post-secondary education really cost? Solve the puzzle.


The 10 C's of Soft/Transferable Skills

Learn why soft skills are so important in post-secondary education and in life.


THE BC Certificate of Graduation-July 2019

The updated Graduation Requirements information from the Ministry of Education website, as of July 2019


High School Graduation Requirement Changes

A summary of changes to BC high school grad requirements and curriculum.


The WorkBC Parents' Guide

A pdf. publication from WorkBC designed for parents, educators and career counsellors. The 2018 WorkBC Parents' Guide is full of practical ideas, exercises and resources to help parents and others talk with youth as they explore career and educational pathways.

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Use our Education Explorer tool to find the right fit for you. Browse areas of study to explore what you might learn. Get the details on different institutions in BC. Learn about different types of credentials and where they lead.

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