Are you looking for employment after graduation or during school breaks? Are you considering the option of a ‘gap year’ or asking yourself what’s next? Are you interested in new experiences, upgrading your career skills and meeting like minded people? Consider FuturePerfect by Katimavik, a new program which supports youth (ages 18 – 30) at the start of their careers.

FuturePerfect is a program which sets up youth from across the country with real employers in our host communities for 3 months of fully funded, fully supported work. This means that Katimavik will cover participants living expenses for the duration of the program, while they get to keep their hard-earned money!

Applicants are asked to submit their resume and cover letter along with any other relevant experience and using this information Katimavik will pair applicants with an employer in one of our host communities. Youth are supported by a Job Developer throughout the whole program, and will not only gain valuable job experience, but also learn valuable career and employment-based skills.

During FuturePerfect participants are paid a full wage. Katimavik covers the cost of rent, as well as travel to and from the host community. Participants are responsible for their own food costs, as well as transportation costs to and from their employment placement. While in the program, youth live together in a Katimavik house with up to 8 people and are responsible for all aspects of house management, including cooking and cleaning.

Participants will have support and guidance throughout the program to help them develop employment and career skills. This includes an orientation at the beginning of the program which provides employability training and a variety of workshops. As well, FuturePerfect gives youth the opportunity to travel, network and meet new people along the way.

The employment placements for our cohorts until March 2024 are in Quebec City and are in the tourism sector exclusively. Cohorts begin every January, May and September and run for a duration of 14-weeks. The program is open to all youth who are the legal age of majority in their province of origin (18 or 19) up to the age of 30 and who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or have landed refugee status in Canada.

KATIMAVIK FuturePerfect