Okanagan College’s two-year Therapist Assistant Diploma program has been awarded full accreditation status by the national accrediting body. Effective now through April 2025, the accreditation demonstrates that the program is aligned with the very latest practices and standards of care.

“It affirms that we are delivering the highest quality education, which translates to the highest quality care for people in the community,” notes Okanagan Dean of Science, Technology and Health Yvonne Moritz. “That in turn gives our students confidence knowing that when they graduate, they are going to be looked upon by employers as well-trained, ready to go, and they are going to be in-demand.”

The program has a long history of producing skilled graduates to serve the region and beyond. It launched as a ten-month certificate in 1990, before evolving into a two-year diploma in 2005.

More information about this program is available HERE on the Okanagan College website.