Vancouver Community College has announced a new Associate of Science degree that will enable students to analyze and interpret data collected through research or in a lab. The two-year program is a standalone credential that can be used to enter into a scientific career or to transfer into the upper years of a bachelor’s degree program.

VCC Science department leader Jennifer Kelly explained that while the Associate of Science degree is common in the United States, they are not well known in Canada: “BC is the only province that offers them.”

“SFU actually gives preferential admission to associate degree holders,” Kelly noted. “UBC doesn’t do that, but they do guarantee full transfer credit for 60 credits for the associate degree,” she said. “That can save students quite a lot of hassle in the transfer process.”

Kelly pointed out that those with an aptitude for math, computing, and engineering might be interested in this program. “It’s really about problem-solving and critical thinking as much as it is about practical training,” she said.

VCC offers small class sizes, with no more than 40 students, and students pay significantly lower tuition than at B.C.’s research universities.