Students hold up a GTEC banner in the lab

This article, written by Graphic Communications Technology Management (GTEC) student Kiana Benoit, shares what projects looked like this year for her in this program and walks us through her final project for the school year.

BURNABY – My program, Graphic Communications Technology Management, has always focused a lot on projects and hands-on assignments. Our program focuses on all aspects of print, from operating printing presses to learning Adobe software, and just about everything in between.

The hands-on projects are one of my favorite things about the program, and BCIT in general! For our second and final year, we have been working on a final project throughout this entire semester, that is bigger and more intensive than anything else we’ve worked on so far.

For my group, we are working on wrapping an elevator at the BCIT campus. Wrapping an elevator may seem fairly straightforward, however there is a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to make sure the final product will look amazing.

The first step we had to go through was preparing the files, to make sure the colour and resolution would look good printed in such a large format. Then we needed to decide which printer to use for this project. We had two main options in the GTEC lab. One printer that would allow for more flexibility and forgiveness in terms of installation due to the durability of the ink, and another that offered us more options in terms of stocks. In the end, we decided having high-quality and flexible ink was probably best for beginners like us, since none of us have actually wrapped an elevator yet.

COVID has definitely made this project trickier. Getting time to go into the GTEC lab is much more complicated, and time is very limited. However, it’s still been a very fun and fulfilling project so far, and I’ve loved getting to work with the same team over the last few months to achieve a big goal. I can’t wait to see how the elevator will look once it is all finished, and I hope it will bring joy to BCIT students and faculty for years to come.